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If you need a calculation package for one (or more) of the options as per the plan on the left, please download one from the below files which suits the one from your project.

Giving the data from site will increase the speed of preparing the calculation package for your client and will allow you to send the calculations to Building Control. If in doubt please don`t hesitate to contact me directly here.

Calculation packages for all of the below options include the steel beam design, padstone design, masonry check and checking loading on the existing foundations. If the loading from new beam exceeds the capacity of the existing foundations then additional calculations are required for strengthening the existing foundations or new pad footing.


To remove existing loadbearing wall between two rooms

To remove existing external wall between rear room and new extension

To remove existing external wall/widening existing opening for new bigger doors

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The architect / builder is responsible for the correct completion of this form. If in doubt, please contact me.